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The Delegate Reality

Delegates nominate a candidate at the party convention While the state by state results of these tiny caucus states are interesting, it doesn’t give you the reality of what is really happening in the presidential race. The fact is big …

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The Ugly GOP Debate

The Republicans Debate in Detroit My Takes from the GOP Debate 1) John Kasich saved the night for the Republican Party. He sounded responsible and refused to get down in the gutter, instead offering substantive answers to questions. Kasich will …

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Super Tuesday My Takes

Trump, Clinton Win Big On Super Tuesday SUPER TUESDAY MY 3 TAKES 1) Remember Super Tuesday was supposed to be the day Ted Cruz showed off his southern strength. A few months ago there was talk the southern regional evangelical …

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NEW HAMPSHIRE SENDS A CROWDED GOP FIELD SOUTH Let’s put this into historical perspective. Candidates spend over a year campaigning in this first-in-the-nation presidential primary state. They raise millions of dollars to spend it on advertising and a ground game …

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New Hampshire Predictions

NEW HAMPSHIRE VOTES – THE WINNERS ARE PREDICTABLE The first-in-the-nation presidential primary happens today and the winners, when the votes are counted, will be all too predictable. On the Democratic side, Vermont’s Independent Senator Bernie Sanders – from next door …

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GOP Governors Shine in Debate

  GOP GOVERNORS DOMINATE FINAL DEBATE BEFORE NH VOTES   The Republicans debate in New Hampshire Marco Rubio had a chance, with a good debate performance, to knock Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and John Kasich out of the race. But …

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MY TAKE ON IOWAOn the Republican side, it was a great night for Ted Cruz. He held the critical Iowa evangelical votes, won convincingly (following Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum) and positions himself well heading into the southern primaries. Cruz …

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Final Pre-Iowa GOP Debate Takes

The final GOP presidential debate before Monday’s Iowa Caucus was held tonight. Here are my THREE TAKES. 1) Donald Trump didn’t lose any of his supporters by not attending the debate, but he didn’t gain any support either. If I’m …

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GOP Debate Takes

My takes from the 10/28/15 GOP Debate: 1) Rubio won. Hands down. The second debate in a row. Poised and informative, he seems like the best candidate to match against Clinton. 2) Kasich came out swinging but faded. Christie gained …

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