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Arizona Dead Even – Clinton Sends In Big Guns

The last Democrat to win Arizona in a presidential election was Bill Clinton twenty years ago. Now, his wife is sensing she can carry it again. Arizona has 11 electoral votes that Trump has been counting on, but an average …

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The Delegate Reality

Delegates nominate a candidate at the party convention While the state by state results of these tiny caucus states are interesting, it doesn’t give you the reality of what is really happening in the presidential race. The fact is big …

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Super Tuesday My Takes

Trump, Clinton Win Big On Super Tuesday SUPER TUESDAY MY 3 TAKES 1) Remember Super Tuesday was supposed to be the day Ted Cruz showed off his southern strength. A few months ago there was talk the southern regional evangelical …

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Race & SC Dems in ’08

Clinton and Obama debate in Myrtle Beach CLINTON AND THE RACE CARD Excerpt from¬†Front Row Seat at the Circus by Jim Heath: It was a much colder January evening as we reported live from outside the Palace Theatre in Myrtle …

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NEW HAMPSHIRE SENDS A CROWDED GOP FIELD SOUTH Let’s put this into historical perspective. Candidates spend over a year campaigning in this first-in-the-nation presidential primary state. They raise millions of dollars to spend it on advertising and a ground game …

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New Hampshire Predictions

NEW HAMPSHIRE VOTES – THE WINNERS ARE PREDICTABLE The first-in-the-nation presidential primary happens today and the winners, when the votes are counted, will be all too predictable. On the Democratic side, Vermont’s Independent Senator Bernie Sanders – from next door …

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MY TAKE ON IOWAOn the Republican side, it was a great night for Ted Cruz. He held the critical Iowa evangelical votes, won convincingly (following Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum) and positions himself well heading into the southern primaries. Cruz …

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Pre Iowa Dem Debate Takes

My 3 Democratic Debate Takes 1) Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both won. This is a battle of organization in Iowa and New Hampshire and they energized their own supporters. Clinton did score points, however, with the African American voters …

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My takes from DEM debate

DEM DEBATE SECURES CLINTON AS FRONTRUNNER The second debate between the Democratic candidates for president brought no surprises. Clinton is the front-runner and will remain in first place. But it did expose how she is stuck between defending president Obama’s …

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