Nicole Franzel is crowned Big Brother 18 champion.
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Big Brother Makes 2016 The Year Of The Woman

Take notice Hillary Clinton.

No one saw this coming. Some will claim they did. But no one saw this coming.

Big Brother Superfan Nicole Franzel is now Big Brother Champion!

She is the first woman to ever beat a man in the finale in the shows 18 season history.

She won by a stunning 5-4 vote over bearded rock and roller Paul Abrahamian. She gets a $500,000 check for her summer-long game play.

Haters are already hating on her. But the reality is she found a strong ride-or-die, plotted some key moves mid-game, and won when she had to near the end.

And she did it without becoming the “little Evel Dick” like Paul.img_2277

Women contestants have had it tough on this reality TV show. It’s been easier through the years for men to form alliances early, and stick to them, in order to get to the finale.

(Much like the U.S. presidency, which has seen only men elected to the nations highest political office for 240 years, something Clinton hopes to change.)

“Instead of attaching herself to the girls, she attached herself to the guys and played with them and was an equal partner in the alliances,” said Allison Grodner, executive producer. “And she won when she needed to win. She played a pretty strong game. It’s hard to fault her.”

In the end, however, it was a woman, Franzel’s adversary Da’Vonne Rogers, who gave her the winning vote.

Franzel is a veteran of the game and a contestant from Season 16. She says she has been a fan of the show since the age of 8. She’s Michigan’s second “Big Brother” champ, following Season 10 winner Dan Gheesling.

Well played Nicole!

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