12376348_252105461796888_2655769071430117858_nYou’ve clicked on a link to a breaking news story when all of a sudden you’re watching Rick Astley sing his 80’s hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.” Like millions of others, you’ve just been rickrolled.

Rickrolling has been used in computer viruses, protests against Scientology, Internet tax, and more recently against ISIS.

It’s an online phenomenon that started in 2007. Although Astley has been retired from singing for years, rickrolling has once again made him a household name.

Which leads to this thought. With all the negativity surrounding the leading presidential candidates in 2016, maybe a guy who promises – never to give you up, never to let you down, never run around and desert you. A candidate who promises never to make you cry, or say goodbye, and tell a lie and hurt you – should actually be president?

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